A Door In Thorston by Lawrence Anzen

A Door in Thorston - Lawrence Anzen

Jeff Coyne is in need of a fresh start after his breakdown. With the support of his girlfreind, Vanessa, and his best freind, Sten - he moves to the small village of Thorston. Soon after the move, Jeff disappears. Sten and Vanessa are left to uncover Thorston's dark past, for fear that Jeff's life hangs in the balance.


Things start to go pretty much down hill for Jeff as he is settling into his new home. Starting with an odd encounter with a seemingly crazy neighbor, and an incident at the local pub. Vanessa hasn't heard from him in a week. So, naturally, Sten and Vanessa head to Thorston to find out what the hell is going on. They quickly find out, according to the village residents, that Jeff was exhibiting some strange behavior before he disappeared. Apparently, he was up to no good - this information was a little too vague. I don't know... maybe it's just me. I wanted a clearer picture as to why this cat went completely off the rails.


Moving on. So, Sten finds out there was some secret society thing going on here. They were called the "Officers", formed by families long standing in the village. Without giving too much away, this eventually ties into whats going on with Jeff, and the evil lurking beneath the surface (or, shall I say doorways) of the village.


This was a bit of mystery/horror rolled into one. Definitely some gruesome deaths and creepy scenes. The pace really picks up towards the end. Although, I found certain areas a little vague and confusing - I was satisfied with the conclusion. A solid 3 star read.