Parasite Deep by Shane McKenzie

Parasite Deep - Shane McKenzie

I'll start by saying.. Pete and Clyde are two of the biggest asshats! I had to get that off my chest..


A year after their father's death, Ben and Clyde are planning a fishing trip to Palacios, Texas. Meeting their Uncle Pete for the first time. What should be a fun time for the two brother's and their friends - turns into a parasitic nightmare at sea.


This is a short novel, but you get a good feel for each character. I liked Ben and his best friend, Gentry. You have the two stoner's thrown in the mix, and Clyde's girlfriend - she comes off as a real doormat in the beginning. As for Uncle Pete and Clyde.. you know how I feel about those two.


Once out to sea, the gore doesn't let up. These are some disgusting parasites. Barnacles that click as they open and close with flailing black tentacles. Pretty nasty when they've attached to a host. Parasite Deep might not be everyone's cup of tea - due to some of the content, but I enjoyed this horrifying tale. 4 stars.